Top 10 Nationalities in Sunny Beach

December 11, 2019 by in category Sunny Beach News with 0 and 0

Everybody wonder what are the top nationalities in Sunny Beach, right?

Answer to this question is: WHOLE EUROPE is coming for a smashing holiday in the top party resort in Europe – Sunny Beach.

This is our OWN research and its not related to any travel companies or side factors!

The statistics which we will share with you are from our Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups about Sunny Beach and the activity of people there. So its 100% real and UP TO DATE!

There is something that we should mention – in these statistics we can’t find tourists from Russia and Ukraine for example, because they don’t use Facebook. BUT that are for sure in TOP 5 NATIONALITIES in Sunny Beach!

The statistic below is based on our Facebook Group “Sunny Beach Bulgaria 2020 Official Group

As you can see from the screenshot – most people are from UK and Ireland, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Macedonia, but according to our opinion Russia and Ukraine are straight after Ireland.


For conclusion we can say that Sunny Beach is a great place for British tourists and here they will feel like at home. 

Anyway Sunny Beach is very friendly party/holiday resort and its great place for people from all nationalities and there is something for everybody here!

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