Тutankhamun(Egypt) Exhibition

Тutankhamun(Egypt) Exhibition


Adults: 16leva(8eu)
Children: 10leva(5eu)
Children below 7 years old – FREE


More than 100 items from the tomb of Tutankhamum  are shown in this amazing exhibition in Burgas.

There are a few thematic rooms – “The Lobby” or “The Room of Power and Authority”, “The Golden Throne” – also called “The Masterpiece of the Room”, The Funeral Chamber”, “The Treasure” and “The Gilded Altar”.

All of these rooms shows an amazing items and during your walk inside you will be amazed from the unique music and light effects which will stop your breath!

The Tutankhamum exhibition have been in a few countries already and now its the first time its in Burgas, Bulgaria. thousands of tourists visit it daily and they are amazed of the feeling of it, especially because the items are very unique and you can see them only in this exhibition or in Egypt(for much more money of course!)

On the last floor of the exhibition you can watch a movie about Tutankhamum Pharaoh and even more you can enjoy a walk in Egypt and the Tomb with VR GLASSES for VIRTUAL REALITY!



If you decide to go to Tutankhamun exhibition in Burgas we can make some extra trips in Burgas FOR FREE!

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