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Khan’s Tent



The Restaurant is located on the hills north of Sunny Beach and have an amazing view above the sea!

There you can enjoy a magic view above the sea, Sunny Beach, Nessebar and some villages around. It’s especially awesome at sunrise and sunsets!

You can see some photos from the Khans Tent and how it looks like inside:

The most magic thing there is a Variety Show and Live Band Every night.

You should arrive there at 20.00PM, so usually the pickup is around 19.00PM(15 minutes drive when you go with private transfer, not shared bus). You may need some time to take photos outside with the amazing view and then you can take your seats inside and start enjoying the night. With the live music band which is there for you.

The special shows starts at 22.00PM. Its cabaret and an amazing contortionists and other amazing experienced dancers and professionals who will be there to entertain you. The show is perfect for young kids and for all family and for sure you will enjoy it and tell to friends for it later!

The show finish at around 23.00PM and after that you can enjoy the live music and dance.

Here you can see some photos from the amazing show in Khans Tent:

Usually most of people leave it around 23.00PM-23.30PM, but with us you have an option to call us to pickup you whatever you want, so don’t worry at all!

Choosing the set menu is a good start for the night and after that you can choose whatever you want. But probably you may only need a few drinks more if the ones included in the set menu are not enough for you 🙂

The SET MENU includes 4 course meals:

    1. 1st course is Shopska Salad(which is the most popular in Bulgaria!)
    2. 2nd course is a croquet potato with a mint yoghurt sauce
    3. 3nd course is chicken in mushroom sauce with boiled potatoes and vegetables
    4. 4th course: an ice cream cake which will be an amazing finish for the dinner!

See some photos of the set menu in Khans Tent:

Videos of the beautiful sunset at Khans Tent:

Khans tent a little bit before all people arrive and show starts: