What is the average age in Sunny Beach?

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Sunny Beach is created before more than 60 years – 1958!

During all these years the resort have been changed a lot and now its great choice for tourists from all ages and countries. Mostly from Europe and between 20-60 years old.

Most people think that Sunny Beach is just party resort for young people, but the truth is very different! 

Sunny Beach have something for everybody – you can go in the main strip – Flower Street – and there you will find many night clubs where young people have smashing parties…

But if you move just less than 1km from the main street, the resort is not so noisy and it may be great place for older people, or even for families with small kids! Usually up to 23:00-00:00 on the main strip(Flower Street) you can see people from all ages and even families with kids 

In depends of the period of the season in the resort may be more or less young people. For example at the start and at the end of the season the tourists in Sunny Beach are older than the average age.

The peak of the season is July and August and during that period all of the night clubs are 100% full with tourist between 20 and 30 years.

At the attached screenshot from our Facebook Group – Sunny Beach Bulgaria 2020 Official Group you can see a chart with the ages of people who are active in the group.

Anyway the situation when you go out on the streets is nearly the same.

Kids and teenagers under 18 years old are not many compared to 20-40years old tourists, but they are still a lot especially if you go on places for youngsters like Aquaparks, Lunaparks and more kids friendly places.

Of course as a party resort most of the people in Sunny Beach are between 18 and 45, but there is very noticeable peak around 25-34.

And once again – Sunny Beach is very friendly place for all ages and everybody from your family will find his piece of cake here!

You can enjoy many attractions, excursions, various restaurants and clubs, and  MOST IMPORTANT – YOU WILL MAKE LIFETIME FRIENDS!

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